~aili’s~ closing April 5, sale starts today

March 29, 2011




Tsamsiyu – Na’vi male outfit

March 14, 2011

I finally finished the male outfit, sort of a companion outfit to the Palulukan female outfit. This one has a lot of spikey armor emphasizing the shoulders, and of course a lot of feathers. I wonder if the Na’vi are ticklish?

You can find it at the ~aili’s~ main shop @ Estella. I think I’m going to make some arm guard things and put them out as freebies.


~aili’s~ textures & stuff

March 14, 2011

I have a new mini shop where I put my full perm textures & sculpties. I am making textures all the time, don’t have enough to fill a big shop yet but there are a few sets and an MM board. The textures can be bought individually for 5L$ each in the texture vendor. Thats a pretty good deal for textures.

My newest texture set is 7 Japanese textures for 40L$:

Includes 5 seamless fabric textures (nice for kimonos, scarves or furniture) and 2 woodblock print artworks. The L$ earned from sales of this texture set will go to help the earthquake and tsunami disaster relief effort in Japan.

SLURL: ~aili’s~ textures & stuff @ S&B Texture Mall


~aili’s~ closing in april

March 8, 2011

Just to let you know my shop is closing next month and I won’t be reopening a shop with builds again. There’s a number of reasons why I am closing:

  1. I won’t have land for my shop in 4 weeks.
  2. I cannot find new land that has enough space at an affordable price.
  3. Having a shop turns a hobby into an obligation! I’d rather have fun.
  4. The Na’vi/Avatar fandom appears to be slowly dying off as people lose interest in the movie.
  5. I don’t hardly sell anything that I make so what’s the point?
  6. The price of renting a shop and paying for uploads is greater than the amount to be made from selling things, so I lose money all the time. No fun.
  7. I never expected to earn a million dollars in SL but I expected at least some customers.
  8. Maybe I’m just not good at designing things…
  9. There is literally no where to advertise my shop in Na’vi groups because they have overly restrictive rules about advertising, even freebies.
  10. Renting a small space in one of the roleplay sim’s markets does not pay off at all, even the ONLY one that has reasonable rent. There just aren’t many visitors to these places anymore.

I will not sell on the Marketplace because my items are related to a copyrighted work and they have pulled Na’vi stuff from the Marketplace before, who knows when they will get another complaint. I’ll probably keep designing things just for myself and give them away for free to those who ask. I won’t be giving away things I have already made for free, but I’ll be having a closing sale with really low prices, to be announced. I willl keep building stuff and give it out for free in my group & subscribo, though.


aili’s is a greenzone

March 1, 2011

I think privacy is important, and it is very wrong to treat everyone who visits your shop as a suspected criminal. That is why I will never install something like Redzone in my shop. You and all your alts are more than welcome to anonymously prance around the forest @ aili’s! XD

Here is a list of places known to be using Redzone or other invasive ‘security’ devices. I’m NOT saying you should avoid those places, it’s up to you and how you feel about the store and the owner of the store, but as a shopper in SL you should be aware these things are out there.


Human female shapes by ~aili~

February 24, 2011

I have added some human female shapes to my shop. I have gotten asked many times where do I get my shapes from, so why not sell a few? I set them at a reasonable price: 50L$ each. I have looked on the Marketplace and have seen some stores selling shapes for 800L$ or more! I think that’s ridiculous! I understand wanting to make money on SL but that’s just ripping people off… :/

The first one is called Lumen, a skinny model type:

Lumen Shape

I tested Lumen out on different skins and she suits different skin tones and types. She is shown wearing Heartsick Aether (a gorgeous skin). In the pic her lingerie is by Voluptia, hair is DrLife, shoes are Maitreya, and eyes are from MADesigns. The shape is copy/modify.

The second one is called Mei, a petite pretty Asian girl:

Mei Shape

Mei looks best on EastAsian skins such as the DrLife, PINKINNIK (Yoko), Mother Goose’s (Ling, MIYO, Devon, etc), Tuli (Sayuri), Heartsick (Yume), etc. She is shown in a DrLife skin called Lee (Darker), the hair is by AyLine, eye by KOSH, outfit is part of an outfit from May’s Soul, shoes from Maitreya. The shape is copy/modify.

You can find these shapes near the entrance of my shop on a little table with a “Human Stuff” sign over it. There’s also 2 human eyes there, a blue eye and a dark black one, on sale for just 10L$ each. I will be making more human stuff and more Na’vi stuff, stay tuned. Come visit my shop @ Estella and have a look around. Don’t forget to take the TP (the crystal thing) up to the floating mountain and enjoy the atmosphere in the sky surrounded by trees and Na’vi stuff.


~aili’s~ has moved

February 23, 2011

I have neglected this blog for a while now. Thanks to Dagmar Haiku for reminding me of blogs…

I have closed the location at Official Pandoran Hub and the one at Wainscot Warf. A new location opened @ Estella. I put up lucky boards, Midnight Mania, Rally Rumble, and you can also TP up to the floating mountain (right click on the crystal thing and select Teleport) to see the trees, try out the furniture and see the other builds there.

Current Lucky Board prizes:

I have added a lot of new stuff to my shop since last writing, including a small section of “Human Stuff” at the moment 2 female shapes and 2 pair of eyes. There are new Na’vi furniture items released including a bathtub with animated poses on menu.

I’m also starting to make more avatar appearance items like hair, braids and eyes:

Also while I’m here and before I forget, I am going to rebuild some of my furniture builds to use the new sitter system I bought, this system will reduce prim count and lag vs poseballs and the like. Anyone who bought a furniture piece using the old way I will send them an updated version of it (I keep records of the sales so it isn’t a big problem to look through).